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Waltershausen 31.12.2009welcome to my internet-homepage!
I will try to give you some information about my past, present and plans for the future as well.
My current adress and contact details you may find here.

In this Foto: Waltershausen, a small town near Erfurt/Germany at New Years Eve 2009

After my carreer as musician I had to attend school again to get access to medical school. In this school I spent wonderful three years with 60 collegues - good mixture of fun and studies. Besides I was fortunately able to complete my musical studies.

In 2002 I went to Schiller-University Jena. I completed medical studies in 2009.

Besides I started a scientific project at the Institute for Physiology Jena, measuring acoustic evoked potentials in musicians. The Neuroscience meeting in Washington 2008 (picture above) was a great opportunity to present my work. The PhD Thesis has been evaluated in 2014 and defended in 2015. Here the link to the published thesis.

Since January 2010 I have been living in Oulu (Finland). In April and May l've  been working as "Amanuenssi" (Radiology) at the University Hospital. There I had the opportunity to learn the language better and to get some knowledge about the health system and the working conditions in Finland.

In July 2010 I started working as physician at the deartement of radiology in Kemi Central Hospital about 110 km north from Oulu. From may 2012 to november 2014 I completed my education for the radiology part at Oulu University Hospital. In 2013 - 2015 I passed successfully all examinations in radiology. From may to july 2015 I l've been serving in the Dept. of pneumonology in Kemi. After 9 months serving in Kemi healthcare center completion of board certification as radiologist in september 2016.

Actually I'm shifting between Kemi central hospital and Oulu university hospital. Next step should be specializing in musculoskeletal radiology. I'm in particular interested in musculoskeletal and oncologic interventions.