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I started studying medicine in October 2002. For two years I had to study anatomy, physiology, biochemics and some other basic sciences. Already 31 years old ;-)

The first medical exam 2004 was followed by the clinical period: 3 years at university, studying several disciplines of human medicine. During this time I got hands-on experience at one-month internships in Eisenberg (Germany), Stralsund (Germany), Oslo (Norway) and Camsdorf (Germany).

The clinical period in Germany is usually followed by one year of internship in three disciplines: Internal medicine, surgery and one of free choice. I spent this time in Switzerland: St. Gallen (children surgery), Lucerne (Internal medicine) and Basel (Orthopedics).

In december 2008 I went back to Jena, spent some time on playing christmas concerts in Germany and Switzerland, and started with preparation of the final examination. The written part took place in my "hometown" Weimar, quite soon afterwards I had to present my knowledge in surgery, internal med., orthopedecs and - surprisingly - pathology. But everthing went well, and sooner than expected my medical studies were completed.

What to do now?
To get some income I started to play more concerts than ever before. The PhD Thesis should be finished...which happend with a certain delay. I planned to work in Germany, but a specific personal reason made me move to Finnland...

Since January 2010 I'm living in Oulu (Finland). In April and May I've been working as "Amanuenssi" (intern, radiology) at the University Hospital. From 2010 - 2012 I have been working as resident physician in Kemi (Lapland), 110 km north from Oulu. Diagnostic ultrasound, X-ray, computed tomography (CT) an magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have become my challanges. From may 2012 to november 2014 I went again to Oulu University Hospital, now as resident physician.  In 2013 I passed the first examination in Finnish about radiation physics and safety, the second theoretical exam in fall 2014 and finally the last examination about radiologic picture reading in spring 2015. After that I've been serving for about one year in gerneral health care and pneumonology. Board certification as radiologist has been completed in spetemeber 2016.

From 2007 on I have been working on my PhD thesis. Research has been done about music and medicine: About what amount do musicians show differences in sound differentiation, when they are using personally designed hearing protectors? The musicians underwent behaviorals tasks and EEG examinations using acoustic evoked potentials (AEP). The manuscript has been accepted by the medical faculty of Jena University in 2014 and has been defended in spring 2015.